What Parents Are Saying...

Here's what parents are saying about mySchoolBucks.com:
"It's really a load off my mind not to have to worry about sending a check with my daughter all the time. I can just pay online and be done with it. No cash or checks to be lost and no worrying about whether or not she has any money left in her account. I can't say enough good things. Thank you!" -- Puyallup School District, WA
"This was wonderful and easy. I was always worried about giving my child money because he lost it so many times. Now if he gets low on funds, you will email alert me and I can make a payment easy. Very good idea!!" -- El Monte City School District, CA
"What a great idea for parents who forget to give their children money in the morning. I think this was a great idea." -- Central Columbia School District, PA
"Thank you. This is a very helpful service. I'm glad that you offer it. I always wonder when it is time to pay. This gives great peace of mind that my son won't go hungry from my negligence!" -- Puyallup School District, WA
"I am very grateful for this new program! It will make taking care of lunch a lot easier, which just adds to a more peaceful life!" -- Cypress School District, CA
"I really enjoy the convenience of paying my child's lunch account online. Logging on is easy and making a payment is also easy." - Puyallup School District, WA
"This is such a good idea. Now I don't have to worry about taking time off work to pay for (my children's) lunches and do not have to worry if they still have funds in their accounts. Thank you." - Chino Valley Unified School District, CA
"This is a great tool for busy families! I am often a frazzled mom and my daughters usually forget to tell me they are out of lunch credits until I am dropping them off at their care provider, already running late for work! I love the convenience of your website, and found it to be very user-friendly. Thanks!" -- Puyallup School District, WA
"This is a great website and a valuable time-saving tool for parents! Thanks!" -- Puyallup School District, WA
I would like to say that I am very happy with your application. I'm thrilled there's an web-based option to take care of payments to the school. Since I travel a lot, it's great for me to keep track of balances and enter payments for my kids from the road. I don't have to worry that my kids will go hungry, because I forgot to send in a check. -- Central Columbia School District, PA
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